Markets Application - Automotive



TyreXolTM waterjet rubber powders are not a filler. TyreXolTM W grade is a reactive powder that can be used into tyre compounds:


  • TyreXolTM can be incorporated at higher loading than standard crumb or reclaim without compromising on performances
  • Can be used for different tyre types and across various tyre compounds (tread, sidewalls, carcasse, apex)
  • Consistent quality thanks to material selection and trs Water PulseTM process
  • Already approved by major tyre manufacturers
  • TRS Intelligent Compounding© laboratory support customers in optimizing the use of TyreXolTM








Asphalt pavement

TyreXolTM MMA 30 is an engineered crumb rubber specially designed for rubberized asphalt mixes

  • Significant economic advantages vs. usual modified mixes​
  • Performance increase in asphalt mix with TyreXol MMA: better cracking resistance, longer useful life for pavement, improvement of rutting resistance, soundless effectiveness and noise level decrease, …​
  • Proven, effective and wide field performance: used in Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy and the US.​
  • Compliant with local norms and specs for asphalt mixes​
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Markets Applications - Footwear

Rubber Shoe Sole


Rubber Outsole

TyreXolTM CW50 can be used to substitute raw materials used in the compounding for rubber outsoles.


  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced CO2 Footprint
  • Comparable mechanical performance
  • Improved friction
  • TRS Intelligent Compounding© advises customers
  • Compatible with NBR / oil resistant formulations for safety shoes
  • High loading (>50%) possible, depending on formulations​


TPU Outsole

  • Offering up to 100% recycled content (micronized rubber + polymer carrier)
  • Processing and moldability in line with incumbent materials
  • Good grip and adhesion on wet surfaces



  • Up to 95% of recycled content (micronized rubber + polymer carrier)
  • Colorability for aesthetic parts
  • High flexibility for applications in contact with wearable accessories




Markets Applications - Industrial



TyreXolTM can be used in following markets to reduce cost and carbon footprint while maintaining performance :

  • Conveyor belts
  • Flexible hoses
  • Cementitious and geopolymeric concretes; adhesive mortars
  • Matting and flooring
  • Friction tapes / insulating materials
Markets Application - Automotive

Floor mats & flaps

Pedal pads & cockpit parts


Automotive Rubber Parts & Components

TyreXolTM waterjet rubber powders can be used in automoative applications.

  • TyreXolTM can be incorporated at > 30 wt% loading rate (compound dependent)
  • TRS Intelligent compounding© laboratory support customers
  • Best performing in under the hood damping parts: stoppers, bushes, spring stops​
  • Meeting most OEMs' requirements in terms of recycled materials use
  • Already approved at major OEMs



Roofing membranes

Extruded seals for doors and windows

Polyurethane adhesive for parquet flooring

Bituminous waterproofing membrane

TyreXolTM can be used to substitute polymer additives used in waterproofing membrane formulation

  • More sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Reduced viscosity
  • Comparable flexibility
  • Increased adhesion
  • TRS Intelligent Compounding© laboratory supports customers






Parquet flooring adhesive

A soft 2-components PU adhesive:

  • Containing 30% TyreXolTM
  • Demonstrate capabilities to integrate recycled, post-consumer constituents in high-end polyurethane systems
  • Impart sound absorbing properties to parquet flooring
  • Formulation designed for parquet prefabrication in factory
  • Can be adapted to be laid on site on other surfaces (e.g. concrete)






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