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Tyre Recycling Solutions

TRS proprietary technologies give Recyclers optimal value creating opportunities. Gain market value and tap new profit channels together as our Partner. Increase your profitability by partnering with TRS.


Compounding Solutions

Engineered to deliver groundbreaking compounding applications, TyreXol™ is a versatile, sustainable and cost effective recycled Rubber Powder. TyreXol™ activated powders customised by our Formulation Experts provide cutting edge performance to polymer products in multiple market segments.

Circle of actions

Everybody wins

TRS drives the tyre recycling value chain, in partnership with public 
and private stakeholders, towards a profitable and sustainable circular economy. TRS solutions create value through cost-efficient eco-technologies, unique compounding intelligence and a partnership approach. Join us.

Innovation at each step

TRS Intelligent Compounding

TRS Intelligent Compounding© provides optimal sustainable innovation to Partners through tailored smart solutions. By unlocking application domains through Swiss engineering, biotechnology and applied science, TRS is a driving force for higher-quality rubber and application specific compounds.